John Borrowman, Mayor of Canmore

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John Borrowman for Mayor of Canmore

John Borrowman has been actively involved in the community for close to 40 years. He was in his 2nd term on Town Council when elected to the Mayor's seat on June 19th, 2012.


Working Together to Build Community

This past year has been incredibly difficult in many ways, and yet we have come through with a renewed sense of community that will set the tone for many years to come. The challenges ahead are daunting, but our opportunities are boundless.

We have a chance now, working with the new owners of the Three Sisters lands, to plan a community that will allow us to maintain our unique character, protect our fragile mountain environment, and set the stage for future prosperity with strong economic sectors.

My vision is of a town with homes that families can afford, with places for us to play and enjoy life, and with a diverse economy in which people have interesting work that returns a good income. A place where our children can imagine making their own lives.

We will need to work together to build a sustainable tourism industry that celebrates our mountain culture while protecting the character of our town.

We will need to put tremendous effort into building new protection on our mountain creeks that will safeguard our lives and homes. This will be a challenge, but I believe that we have the resources and the determination to make it happen.

Finally, we will need to maintain our commitment to a balanced and reasonable tax structure, with strong reserves. We have been deemed by anĀ  independent auditor as 'having the healthiest financials' of any community which they audit, and I want to keep it that way.

My strength is in finding consensus on difficult issues and bringing people together to achieve the balance that makes for a strong community. Please support my vision by voting John Borrowman as your Mayor on October 21st


"John Borrowman is definitely the right person to be leading Town Council at this time. I have worked with John as a Councillor since 2006, and with him in the Mayor's position for 18 months now. He understands the issues, is solution oriented, easy to communicate with, and very respectful of other perspectives." Jim Ridley, Town Councillor since 2006 - now retiring